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Speak Out: Whale of a situation

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Updated: May 21, 2012 8:27AM

Whale of a situation: I think if the Japanese whaling fleets kill all of the whales and call it a scientific expedition, the North Koreans are entitled to shoot a ballistic missile into space and say they are checking the weather over North Korea. I think if you clamp down on one, you should clamp down on both.

Don’t pay for another dog park: The city of Elgin is looking to spend money on a dog park. There are already dog parks all over the place. It’s like having citizens paying for the same thing twice. It’s a great disappointment.

Chicken idea is a clunker: Anyone who has had animal issues in Elgin knows how ineffective the animal control officers have been. Now they are adding chickens to the mix? Give me a break. By the way, do pit bulls like chickens?

Chickens vs. pit bulls: This is about your chickens that everyone is in an uproar about. Chickens don’t walk down the street and attack you or your dog. I’d rather have a chicken instead of a pit bull. What are the trustees going to do about them? You should get rid of those dogs and get more chickens.

Seniors seek discount: Why doesn’t the city of Elgin give seniors a break on garbage collection? They took the riverboat money away. How about giving seniors a break? We have no money.

Fix the road: This is about the street in the Bonnie Dundee Terrace area of East Dundee that the streets and sanitation department tore up. Now it’s just gravel all over that never received any asphalt or concrete. When you ride on it, your car gets hit with all these stones. I’d like to know what these people are doing. We didn’t even have a bad winter. I live here, and it’s a disgrace.

Santorum leaves the race: I believe there is something undemocratic about Rick Santorum quitting as he’s facing a primary in his home state. Who knows you better than your home state? Most presidential hopefuls long to run in their home state because that’s where more people like them. In Santorum’s case, he quits in the Pennsylvania primary because he knows they will vote against him and he wants to run again in the future.

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