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Speak Out: Lack of taste in house color choices

Speak Out

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Updated: May 20, 2012 8:38AM

Color choices: I have a comment on some of the house colors in Elgin. It seems that people don’t have any taste in what color they paint their house. There are brilliant blues, greens and yellows. It makes Elgin look cheap. Isn’t there a way to pass a code so that people paint a decent color on their house?

Seeking information: It would be great if the United States Post Office could send out a schedule of the dates when mail will not be delivered due to the holidays. It would also be great if Waste Management would send out the dates of spring and fall cleanup, along with a list of what will be accepted and not accepted.

Perturbed about premiums: I don’t know if others have questions about this, but I would like a reasonable answer. You pay premiums on automobile and house insurance for years and years, and suddenly an accident happens. Wow! Premiums go sky high for three years after the claim. Haven’t they made enough money from all the years that you were paying premiums?

Troubled by telemarketers: This is for the caller who is tired of telemarketers. Register your number with the national Do Not Call registry, and the calls should stop. Now if only someone could stop those noisy trucks and cars from going down my street.

Stop clucking about chickens: I just want to tell the people who are complaining about chickens to find something else to complain about. For Elgin to allow three to five chickens in a fenced-in backyard is no big deal. I invite you to come over and observe mine. They are quiet, their droppings are very small, and they do not smell. They do not bark all hours of the night, and they don’t roam the neighborhood killing other birds like cats do. There is no reason why we cannot all co-exist. It’s part of nature. You probably have birds frequenting your backyard now.

Don’t support Gov. Walker: I disagree with the caller who says to keep Wisconsin Gov. Walker in office and bust up the unions. I say we throw him out of office. What in the world do you do for a living, pal?

Please leave the trees: The forest preserve and the state bought some nice wooded farmland at the northwest corner of Stearns Road and McLean Boulevard in South Elgin as part of the Stearns Road open space project. Could someone tell me why they are going in there and cutting all of the trees down? I thought the whole idea of a forest preserve is to have a forest and preserve it instead of cutting it all down. Maybe you guys could look into this. They’re starting to cut the trees down today.

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