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Speak Out: Don’t partner with Hoffman Estates

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Updated: May 14, 2012 8:09AM

Don’t partner with Hoffman Estates: I was reading Linda McDaniel-Hale’s column on Elgin helping to provide a dog park, water and fire protection to Hoffman Estates. I’m not in favor of those things.

Don’t text and drive: I’m calling about the cellphone bill. I wonder if it’s been passed. I see a lot of people on cellphones while they are driving. One day when I was driving and approaching the light, I could see as clear as day a woman doing 50 miles per hour while using her cellphone. She went right through a red light. She might have hit me head on. I just hope they pass that bill. To me, driving with a cellphone is a traffic hazard.

Chickens attract rats: About 60 years ago, Elgin said there would be no more chickens raised in the city for health reasons. They draw rats. I don’t want to be shooting rats again like I did back then.

Economic downturn promotes honesty: The one advantage of an economic downturn is that our officials have to become honest. They no longer have the funds to lie with. Chicago public schools stated that their pension fund is $43 billion in debt. Not future pensions, but teachers currently on pensions may see their payments lowered. I’d like to know where the School District U46 teachers’ pension fund is at. How many new students are at School District U46 this year?

Vexed by sex ad: Check it out on Page 5 of Monday’s (April 2) Courier-News. Get your erectile dysfunction fixed in order to take care of your love life and then you can see the Easter Bunny at Jimmy’s Charhouse. Is The Courier-News that desperate to accept this kind of ad? I find it disgusting.

Kudos to Jeff Ward: This is about Jeff Ward’s column on Monday (April 2) about Bill Sarto. Boy, did he hit the nail on the head about him. This guy should be in the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Sure glad he was beat (for the Democratic nomination for Kane County Board chairman). And I can’t wait to see Elgin state Sen. Mike Noland and Dundee Township Democratic Chairman David Reece go, either. You’re right, Jeff. It was a good article. Keep up the good work.

MapQuest best: Dex will not be publishing alphabetically-ordered street names anymore in the map section of the telephone book. An official called me and said it’s because most people have computers and use MapQuest. The phone books won’t be doing it anymore.

Say no to four more years: You Speak Out callers who want to vote for President Obama have that right, but I just cannot imagine giving him four more years when he has put us in so much debt that we cannot even pay the interest on it. The Chinese own us.

Don’t kill the chance to drill: I hear all this Obama stuff about how drilling for more oil won’t change anything. Since oil is in the global market, drilling for more oil increases the supply, doesn’t it? After all, when he encouraged other countries to increase their production, it must have been to help something. Otherwise, what would be the point? Drilling here won’t help? Give me a break.

Editor’s note: According to experts on the matter, you’re right — and wrong. More drilling would affect the oil supply, but only slightly. A recent Associated Press report on the issue says this: “American oil production is about 11 percent of the world’s output, so even if the U.S. were to increase its oil production by 50 percent — that is more than drilling in the Arctic, increased public-lands and offshore drilling, and the Canadian pipeline would provide — it would at most cut gas prices by 10 percent.”

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