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Speak Out: What did that heart transplant cost?

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Updated: May 9, 2012 8:10AM

A change of heart: Across the newspapers it was mentioned that former Vice President Dick Cheney received a heart transplant. There was not a single mention of the cost. What does a present-day heart transplant cost? It’s time we scrutinize some of our medical costs. Some of these costs are just exorbitant.

Pitfalls of pit bulls: I’d like to know when the trustees of Elgin are going to ban pit bulls. They are concerned about other things but not about the dangers of walking the streets. I can’t walk my dog because I’m so afraid of the pit bulls that are out there. They need to be banned from the area. Instead of worrying about the deer, they should worry about pit bulls.

Say no to backyard chickens: My family raised chickens in southern Illinois. They are loud, filthy and smelly. I love all animals, but let me tell you from experience that chickens should not be allowed in any backyard unless you have several acres of land or live on a large farm. To make your neighbors suffer from the negative effects of chickens will only cause tension, arguments and make home values plummet even more. Elgin needs to band together and put this issue to rest. Don’t wait until your neighbors have chickens before you take a stand against it.

Know all the facts: People should always look before they leap, and they are not doing it. They should know all the facts in the case of the boy who was shot by the neighborhood watch person. It’s like hollering “wolf” when there is no wolf.

Ticked off by telemarketers: The telemarketing calls should be stopped. During the primary election season, we received nine to 10 calls a day. The election is over, but the calls from telemarketers still come in. We received three calls before noon today. They begin before we are even out of bed. Is there something we can do about this? It seems everyone is complaining about the calls.

Comment on insurance companies: My neighbor recently had his front pane window broken out. I asked him when he was going to make a claim for it. He said he won’t because if he did, his rates would go up. Insurance companies have us exactly where they want us. Recently, the elderly who invested in long-term insurance were told that their rates would go up 90 percent. Imagine an insurance company that takes a few years of rate payments and then jacks the rate up 90 percent, probably in the hope that these people will leave their accounts. President Obama is doing something to give us better insurance. What are Republicans offering in place of Obamacare? Is it the idea that insurance is evil? Saying that insuring the 50 million people without insurance whom we have to pay for when they get hurt is evil? While $250 million has been paid for ads against Obamacare, only $56 million has been paid for ads in favor of Obamacare. The people are having the wool pulled over their eyes, and they don’t know it.

Scratch the idea of chickens in Elgin: I must express my thanks to the mayor of Elgin for giving me the heartiest laugh I’ve had in a long time in regards to the issue of chickens in Elgin. It’s evident he has not spent any time on a farm. Perhaps he should visit the chicken farm on Bowes Road so he can make an informed decision.

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