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Recognizing a hero for coming forward in teen’s slaying

Updated: April 1, 2013 6:36AM

Recognizing a local hero for coming forward in teen’s slaying

I want to thank the anonymous tipster for coming forward with information that assisted the Chicago police in charging a suspect with the tragic shooting death of (Clemente High School senior) Frances Colon. That individual is a real hero!

It is all the more remarkable when you consider that we live in a society where, all too often, individuals respond to tragedy by turning a deaf ear. We are surrounded by too many citizens, both in the public and private sectors, who believe that remaining silent is how one demonstrates loyalty to their fellow buddies regardless of whether that loyalty has been bought by perverting the rights of young students like Ms. Colon to enjoy the promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

City hall, Springfield, Washington, D.C., have for too long told whistle-blowers to come forward with information, only to “dis” them when they do. Too often, the informant finds their career path hitting an abrupt dead end — shunned by the very people who urged them to come forward in the first place.

Whether the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department is home grown or from a different city — black, white, Hispanic, biracial, male or female — it matters little if the community at large is satisfied to expend energy merely repeating the worn-out phrase “Something should be done!” Apathy and an attitude of non-involvement may not “pull the trigger,” but it sure helps to create the atmosphere where a gangbanger feels emboldened to try it.

Kudos to the tipster!

Jay Bourke


Blaming Republicans for the incompetence of Democrats

Once again (and again and again), liberals are trying to blame Republicans for liberal Democrats’ incompetence.

They falsely claim Republicans are refusing equal pay for women, while their beloved Obama is guilty of paying the women in the White House less than the men doing the same basic task. It’s Obama’s war on women that the country should be irate about because he discriminates by gender and by example. But the liberal media is silent about it.

Righteously, Republicans should continue to fight to repeal Obamacare because it is the largest tax on the middle class ever. People who argue for Obamacare are Kool-Aid drinkers who never read it (I did — twice) and my liberal friends no longer bring up the subject because I use fact, not made-up liberal fact, and they are tired of losing the argument.

Those who never watched FOX news and badmouth it do so either as the result of an inferior mind or receiving an inferior liberal education that does not allow free thinking. I find a grossly disproportionate numbers of lies, misinformation and twisted created reality that is reported (and more often not reported if it makes far-left liberals look bad) by the major news (hah) networks and their cable affiliates. The attack on FOX is proof they are afraid, very afraid, of factual reporting. Do I agree with all that FOX reports? No. But they provide two unbiased sides and let me make up my mind without name-calling. While the liberal media is poking fun at Rubio for an awkward sip of water, the liberal media never even mention that Obama mispronounced Corps. But then again, he is the product of a liberal education.

Manfred W. Czymmek


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