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Causes of obesity? Economy, teacher unions, parents

Updated: February 24, 2013 6:17AM

Causes of obesity? Economy, teacher unions, parents

Poor diet and low levels of daily activity will ultimately lead to obesity. But how is our government framing the problem and the solution?

Poor diet. Well, that is a major concern. But facts are facts, and the government hiding from certain facts does not make the facts less true. Most are struggling in Obama’s economy, and it gets harder and harder to put food on the table, so price becomes an issue. That is a fact. Because price is an issue, healthy food is beyond the budgets of a growing number of people. So foods that are not in your health’s best interest are bought. A real solution would be to make healthy food affordable to the least-common denominator — another fact.

When it comes to activities, parents, the school system and our government are to blame. Parents seem perfectly alright with putting food or electronic gadgets in front of their kids to keep them occupied and quiet so they can play video games, watch TV or get high.

Most schools eliminated recess or activities everyone can participate in. They claim it is a money issue yet always seem to find money for demands placed on them by unions. Are we to infer that unions, teachers and the government have relegated our children to a second-class citizen status? Or are their needs more important than our children’s?

Everyone frames the problem so their solution seems to be the best, when in reality their problems and solutions are a mixture of lies, half-truths and ideologies that will make our children mindless non-thinking drones.

Manfred W. Czymmek


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