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Obama lies about security, taxes and spending

Updated: February 16, 2013 6:12AM

President Obama has lied about security, taxes and spending

If President Obama thinks it is a bad idea to put armed guards in schools to protect our children, then why does he not instruct the Secret Service that protects his daughters to disarm before they come on school property? Hypocrites like Obama often fail to see the connection.

And in Obama’s campaign, he made it clear that he wanted to stick it to the millionaires and billionaires by increasing their taxes, claiming they are not paying their fair share. Yet he must have failed in math because $250,000 or $450,000 are a far cry from a million dollars. The truth is he already stuck the middle class with the penalizing taxes that Obamacare will incur and is attacking upper middle-class workers by alluding they are millionaires. Oddly enough, a high percent of Americans pay no taxes and he is OK with that. Hmmmm!

Now that the fiscal cliff has been somewhat averted for the time being, Obama said in his speech that more taxes were needed. He has been so socialistically indoctrinated that he fails to see the out-of-control, addictive spending he is engaged in. He seems to think his problems will be solved by raising the debt limit and taxing. But where are the spending cuts? Where is the balanced approach he talked about? More lies!

We listened to his lies about the last time he wanted to spend money on fixing roads and bridges. He did not then and probably has no intention on repairing them now, but he wants the money. And he wants to spend more money and seems to have a “to hell with the debt limit” attitude.

Manfred W. Czymmek


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