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Legislature should pass up proposal to expand gambling

Updated: February 10, 2013 6:11AM

Illinois Legislature should pass up proposal to expand gambling

Gov. Quinn vetoed a bill to expand gambling in the state of Illinois. We applaud this action. The Presbyterian Church (USA) has long been opposed to gambling. We resist the action of government leaders to promote more state sanctioned gambling and the questionable promises for fiscal benefits for the same.

For the responsible gambler, there are already numerous avenues to enjoy this activity. It is important to remember, however, that a significant percentage of the monies generated by gambling are gained through people who least can afford to participate.

In addition, the negative impact this causes reverberates through the social fabric of our community. Personal financial ruin, abuse and the breaking up of families are but a few of these effects. To the person addicted (addiction also places a severe hardship on prison systems, public assistance programs and legal systems) or someone gambling in the hopes of winning it big instead of using that money to purchase a much-needed item for themselves or their family, it is yet another path that too often leads to devastation.

Government has a responsibility to all of its citizens and therefore should not promote more state-sanctioned gambling, given the many ethical consequences it presents. This is an irresponsible method to attempt to improve the fiscal well-being of the state.

With the legislature considering another attempt to pass legislation expanding gambling in Illinois, we urge them to not pass any such expansion.

Kurt Buckardt

Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church of Elgin

New hearing on South Elgin code enforcement vs. cat rescuer

I would like to apologize to the taxpayers in South Elgin for having their tax dollars wasted on something so ridiculous, with their town’s code enforcement spending their time in harassing me and taking me to “their” court claiming that what I have been doing in this town for the past 30 years in rescuing abandoned and abused felines is now suddenly “wrong and illegal.”

Several people have expressed concern as to what will happen to all of these animals. Well, our town officials never cared about them in the first place, which is why they had previously given my name and number to people who had called them for help. So, rest assured that at this point, I’m sure that it’s all just about the money for fines they want and not about these less-fortunate animals.

Anyone who knows me knows that if it did come to euthanizing all of these rescued felines, they would have to euthanize me first.

Since I didn’t win that recent Powerball half-billion-dollar lottery, I offered them my small Social Security check toward the fines they are seeking for this crime I have committed, but they didn’t accept that and apparently want more.

My next court date is at 9 a.m. Jan. 12 at the South Elgin Village Hall; and anyone who would like to be a voice for these animals is welcome to attend this hearing. If you would like more info regarding this, please go to

C.J. Schultz

South Elgin

All People’s Interfaith Pantry grateful for holiday contributors

All People’s Interfaith Pantry would like to send a sincere thank-you to all who donated food to our pantry during the holidays.

We received many wonderful donations from the Larkin High School Honor Society, Edgewater Del Webb, Jewel South Elgin, many churches, the Golden K’s, the Woodridge South Neighborhood that decorated their houses and took in food and money which they used to purchase food for the pantry, sorority groups, and many private individuals.

Our mission is to feed the hungry, and you continue to support us and make our mission possible. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. And we hope each and every one of you have a wonderful new year.

Joan Wesner,

Pantry manager

Pantry board of directors

All People’s Interfaith Pantry


This hockey fan is not so happy about the end of the strike/lockout

I love hockey. I have been a fan since the days of Moose Vasko, Eric Nesterenko and Glen Hall. I cried when they gave up Glen Hall to the expansion draft, and I cried again when they traded Phil Esposito.

I have not worn one Blackhawks logo since the strike/lockout began. I for one got to the point where — with the Bears, Bulls and college basketball — I could have lived through this season very easily without any hockey at the United Center.

Since most players will earn more this year than many of us will in our lifetimes, I see this strike/lockout as the utmost in greed on both sides. Because it’s obvious that neither side gives much more than a small hoot at best about the fans, I propose to all devout Blackhawks fans that we all boycott their first home game. Maybe — although I doubt it — someone will get the message.

Bruce Sutchar

Hanover Park

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