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Enough is enough; no more sticking it to middle class

Updated: January 18, 2013 6:07AM

Enough is enough; no more sticking it to middle class

Millionaire and billionaire donors to the GOP are laughing at the middle class.

Even though the President Obama defeated Mitt Romney and the disastrous Paul Ryan budget designed to gut “entitlements,” the tea party crackpots in the House refuse to allow taxes on the top 2 percent to go back to Clinton-era rates.

After three Bush tax cuts for the rich, two unfunded wars, the Wall Street crash, millions of foreclosures and awfully high unemployment rates, the House GOP radicals still expect us to pay more so they can continue to line their pockets.

The conservative Republicans and rich supporters further expect the middle class to suffer cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Maybe they will send their Social Security checks back and use their off-shore accounts to finance retirement?

These are the same selfish fat-cats who sent jobs overseas, support destroying unions and pay only 15 percent capital gains. After a decade of sticking it to the middle class, they now want us to fix the budget deficit and reduce the ballooning debt while they refuse to pay their fair share.

Enough is enough! Tell the Republicans to pound salt!

Tom Minnerick


Scare tactics on ‘cliff,’ Rice, and right-to-work laws

Here we go again. The Democratic propaganda machine is hard at work spewing out the twisted truth they want you to believe as truth.

Everyone who casts a shadow on this administration and the bobbled-headed zombie Kool-Aid drinkers is labeled a racist. Forget about competence or integrity; they are just concepts to abuse. Take Susan Rice. If you check up on her past performance, you may find she is not as competent as one is led to believe. And as recent events have unfolded, she may be little more than an Obama hand puppet.

Then there is the ongoing rhetoric about going over the “cliff.” As Obama does what he does best — nothing — we will go over a financial cliff, and the country and its citizenry will have to pay, and pay dearly. And Republicans will be blamed for Obama’s inexperience, lack of negotiating skills, and apparent apathy.

And the latest series of lies are about Michigan’s right-to-work law. Obama and the unions are telling us that we do not have a right to work unless we belong to a union. (Will someone PLEASE read the Constitution to these people?) They also are telling us that the right-to-work law will compromise their collective bargaining. (Now we need someone to read the right-to-work law to them.) IT DOES NOT! And they are telling us that the right-to-work law is the right to lower wages. Again, statistics say it is not true, but their reading and comprehension skills are dubious at best.

But American voters seem to like someone who can tell a good lie.

Manfred W. Czymmek


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