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Emanuel helps ‘lead the way’ to destruction of marriage

Updated: January 6, 2013 9:36AM

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, with his finger ever on the political pulse of
Democrats — I mean, Chicagoans — has discerned that two of the top three problems facing the city are the absence of casinos and legalized “same-sex marriage.”

The city’s failing schools, gang activity, murder rate, debt,
unemployment, poverty, family breakdown, child abuse and drug use pale in significance as compared to the absence of casinos. Or, perhaps Emanuel sees casinos as the solution to all those problems.

One of his top priorities is bringing casinos to the city — casinos that will disproportionately harm those of lesser incomes because they have less financial padding to sustain the ineluctable losses on which predatory casinos rely.

Judging from his letter, his de facto top priority is same-sex marriage, which will further erode the institution of marriage — the erosion of which has already disproportionately harmed the black community.

But why should these inconvenient truths bother Emanuel when he’s got fat cat casino backers and wealthy homosexuals in his corner? Emanuel, in a display of “progressive” ignorance and uncharacteristic mushiness, claimed that “gays and lesbians are still denied one essential freedom: the right to make a lifelong commitment to the person they love.” Say what?

Every unmarried person of major age is free to marry as long as he or she is seeking to marry one person of the opposite sex who is not closely related by blood. Homosexuals are not denied the right to marry. They choose not to participate in this sexually complementary institution.

Homosexuals are simply not permitted to unilaterally jettison the central defining feature of legally sanctioned marriage: sexual
complementarity. Similarly, polyamorists may not unilaterally jettison the requirement regarding numbers of partners, and those in love with their siblings or parents may not unilaterally jettison the requirement pertaining to
close blood kinship.

Moreover, homosexuals are not denied the right to make a lifelong
commitment. Homosexuals may indeed love, have sex with, set up
households with, and commit for life to any person they wish.

Emanuel seems to have adopted the view that marriage is an institution centrally or solely concerned with the loving feelings of those involved. But if that’s the case — if marriage is solely about love and has no intrinsic connection to procreation — then why does the government limit it to two people? And if marriage is solely about love, why not permit two loving brothers to marry?

If marriage were centrally or solely about the recognition of love,
there would be absolutely no reason for the government to be involved. The government has no vested interest in “recognizing” subjective feelings. The government has a vested interest in the objective connection of sexually complementary coupling to procreating.

The government is in the marriage business because a two-person, sexually complementary union is how children are produced, and the government has a vested interest in recognizing, regulating and
promoting the type of relationship that can produce children — whether or not any particular couple has children.

In describing Chicago’s diversity, Emanuel paired race and “sexual
orientation,” revealing that he’s also bought into the intellectually
vacuous comparison of race to homosexuality, which is the flawed analogy upon which the entire homosexuality-affirming house of cards is built. Whereas race is 100 percent heritable, in all cases immutable, and has no behavioral implications whatsoever, homosexuality is constituted by
subjective feelings, volitional sexual acts that are legitimate objects of moral assessment, and is not 100 percent heritable.

Despite exploiting the language of the civil rights movement by
trumpeting his defense of “equality,” Emanuel is not advocating for
equality. He’s advocating for the unilateral redefinition of marriage by homosexuals to serve their desires.

Illinois has certainly proved itself capable of leading the way — to fiscal insolvency, educational malpractice, and incomprehensible murder rates. Why not lead the way to the destruction of real marriage by pretend marriage?

Laurie Higgins, is a cultural analyst for the Illinois Family Institute
in Carol Stream.

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