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Speak Out: Drop-off a safety hazard

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Updated: December 19, 2012 12:12PM

Safety hazard: How long will Carpentersville allow this accident waiting to happen go on? You have a 5-foot drop off behind a building on Main Street. Nothing but yellow tape around it where there should be a fence. I hope it doesn’t sit like that all winter. You guys must have a code to go by.

Reasons why Republicans lost: I hear a lot of talk about a third party and what happened to the Republicans and so forth. Here’s what the problem was. They didn’t lay their plan out closely. They kept saying that change is change, but they didn’t answer the questions. Another area where I personally think they screwed up was on this no abortion under any circumstances. They blew half the women’s vote right out of the water. Abortion is legal, and it is accepted. They don’t have to be in favor of abortion, but they don’t have to say they are going to repeal it. (If they had done that), then they would have had a win, and President Obama would have moved out.

Irritated about Iran: I wonder how much more we’re going to take from Iran. Now they fire on a drone in international waters, and what are we going to do? Uh, well, we’ll probably talk to them or something. We wouldn’t want to be tough.

Jesse is not doing his job: In following this Jesse Jackson Jr. scenario, he ought to be kicked out of office due to the ethics violation and his lies. No wonder Americans are so tired of politics. OK, there are no honest politicians anymore. And in this scenario, this really slaps everyone in the face. The kid is playing games. Charge him and get on with life.

Taxes and user fees: I have a question about property taxes. What is the difference if we pay for these services the Elgin city manager keeps saying we pay for in our property taxes, or if we pay for them every month by our own user fees? We pay either way. I suspect with the user fees, we pay even more. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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