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Speak Out: Frowning on front fences

Updated: December 12, 2012 6:24AM

Frowning on front lawn fences: I wish the Elgin City Council would approve an ordinance to not allow front lawn fences or parking on front yards. These two things take away from the friendly appeal that Elgin has had for many years. Now it’s a town of unfriendliness.

Traffic troubles: What do you think it would take for the city to figure out what do with the lights at McLean Boulevard and (Route) 20 (in Elgin) during the construction project from hell? I can’t believe they can’t get the lights timed to get traffic moving like it did before the construction.

Upset by ads: Why is it that in the newspapers, magazines and on television, all you see is: Do you have erectile dysfunction? Get this pill, get that pill. Isn’t that a lousy thing to show young kids? Enough is enough. It should be a private thing. It should not be advertised all over. Let these kids grow up. You’re giving them a wrong perspective on how life works. We can’t cure cancer, but let’s take care of your erectile dysfunction.

Park according to ordinances: I think the person who is belittling the caller complaining about trucks parked on Hampshire streets is a little off kilter themselves. Obviously, there’s either an ordinance against it or there isn’t. If there is an ordinance against it, the truck shouldn’t be parked there regardless of what you’ve been getting by with for the last 20 years.

Drunken driving dilemma: So let’s get this right. This Juan Diaz on the front of the newspaper on Friday, Nov. 2, has at least 15 DUIs and was still driving. The better part is that immigration has now put a hold on him. Why didn’t they deport him the first, second or third time?

Fifteen is one too many: Hey, Elgin police, about this guy with 15 DUIs. Each time you run it through the database and mugshots, but it took that long to nail this guy down? I feel so much better that you’re working on high crime stuff, too. I bet nothing slips through your hands.

Irked by Diaz situation: Regarding the story on Mr. Diaz who has 15 DUIs, I don’t know where to begin. How stupid do you think we are? The article basically questions how this man was able to, through his many different aliases, get numerous driving licenses. What the article fails to mention is that with each one of these licenses, Mr. Diaz gave his picture. How did the secretary of state give this man a new driver’s license without referring to the other pictures and noting that this man already has a driver’s license? The real problem is this man was able to get aliases and circumvent our identification methods in the United States with impunity. The article said that the birthdate on the licenses was the same, and Diaz is a common Hispanic name. Are you kidding me? Boy, I’d love to throw away my identification cards just like Mr. Diaz.

Why make us pay for their free gas?: I see that in New York, the governor will make free gasoline available to people at a 10-gallon limit. Why does the taxpayer owe anybody free gas? I can see the governor making gas available, but why should it be free?

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