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Pro-lifers are caring & dedicated, helping people

Updated: December 6, 2012 6:16AM

Pro-lifers are caring and dedicated, helping people

I would like to reply to a recent letter from Mary Lou Baldwin (Oct. 31), who chastised all pro-lifers.

I wonder how many pro-life pregnancy centers she has visited in her life. If she did, she would have met a lot of dedicated people volunteering hours of their free time in order to help. They are not all “sitting back in their easy chairs, telling others to carry their unwanted fetuses to term,” as she states.

I know one dedicated pro-lifer, for instance, who has taken three pregnant women into her home because she wanted to help, never receiving a penny in return.

Never mentioned in Mary’s letter is the fact that many women who do abort have emotional problems afterward. Pro-lifers offer help for these women, too, with classes that help to heal them emotionally, focusing on God’s love and grace.

There are always loving couples who are willing to adopt and pay all expenses. One just has to look.

So please — instead of painting all pro-lifers with the same brush, go out and see for yourself what is being done by good-hearted Christ-loving people in our community. You may be surprised.

Rosalie Sweeton


People must exercise a truly American right: Vote

As born Americans, voting is our civic duty — a right already fought for, won and continuously defended.

Voting is right up there with apple pie and baseball.

Yet some people will take voting for granted this November. Not every nation affords their citizens this right. In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadi Muslims are forbidden from voting simply for their faith. Imagine if you couldn’t vote only because of your personal religious beliefs.

Keep that in mind and consider that 90 million eligible Americans will not vote this year. Read that again — 90 million.

Regardless of whether you’re right or left — come Tuesday, don’t waste your opportunity to vote.

Erik Cuchna

Crystal Lake

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