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Getz will work hard for Kane Board Dist. 22

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Updated: November 27, 2012 10:40AM

Bob Getz will work hard for Kane Board District 22

I am writing in support of Bob Getz as a Kane County Board candidate representing District 22.

Bob, through is website, identifies important issues and projects, providing directions on each, in contrast to his opponent. He also provides specific recommendations on how to reduce our tax rates.

Bob is not seeking any donations or endorsements in that he does not want to be a paid agent for someone outside of District 22. In contrast, his opponent has hosted fundraisers outside of the district.

Bob is noted for his tenacity to work on problems or issues until an answer or conclusion has been reached. He will be a listener to persons of District 22, representing each of you to the best of his ability.

You soon will be voting; be sure to compare the websites of Bob and his opponent before making the decision for county board District 22.

Richard L. Vetter


Martinez has attributes to be excellent coroner

In Illinois there is a wide variety of occupations that make up the office of coroner: funeral directors, nurses, police detectives, paramedics, etc. Regardless of the different qualifications that coroners talk about during the campaign season, first the person should possess knowledge of death investigations, and the following attributes should stand out:

A keen eye for spotting a clue.

Someone who provides care to the deceased and concern for the living.

Although the coroner’s office in Illinois is statutorily considered a law enforcement agency, they are inherently on the medical side of law enforcement, hence the term medicolegal investigator. They do not make arrests, write tickets or interrogate suspects; rather, they provide important medical information provided by their forensic pathologist to the investigating authorities to aid them in their investigation, which is conducted independent and separate from the coroner’s investigation.

As past president of the Illinois Coroners and Medical Examiners Association, I have come to know that Tao Martinez has the previously mentioned attributes to make an excellent coroner. Not only is he familiar with death scenes, he is also a caring and compassionate man who will truly put “Families First.” An additional attribute is that Martinez is bilingual, which will enable him to speak in a caring voice to the ever-growing Hispanic population of Kane County.

For those reasons and more, I am endorsing Martinez to be the next coroner of Kane County.

Patrick K. O’Neil

Will County Coroner


As judge, Dalton will treat people fairly, firmly

The upcoming November elections not only have important significance on the national level, but perhaps even more so locally where the local issues affect our day-to-day lives. I am voting for John Dalton for Kane County Circuit Court judge because I know him personally to be a man of integrity, a well-qualified and highly respected attorney, and a person who cares deeply about the issues which impact the residents of Kane County.

John will be a fair and independent listener, and ensure that people coming before the court system will be treated fairly, firmly where warranted and with dignity. Although he is not required to do so, John declined a campaign contribution from me because I am an attorney, to ensure that his impartiality on the bench could never be questioned by having received donations from attorneys who might appear before him with clients. I respect this. Please join me in voting for John.

Traci D. Ellis


Vote for John Walters for Kane County judge

Please vote for John Walters. I have known John for many years. He is the only candidate recommended for this position by Kane County Bar Association, endorsed by the press, and appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court.

He has served his community with personal integrity as an Elgin City Council member and lawyer. He has the personal integrity and legal experience needed as circuit court judge. John is ready for the kinds of cases facing the people of Kane County. Please vote for John if you vote early or on election day, Nov. 6.

Robert Hill


Keep Walters’ experience, integrity for Kane judge

It’s easy for me to advise others to vote for John Walters because I know him personally — so I am well aware of his community involvement, his expertise in legal matters and, above all, his integrity.

John is running to maintain his seat as 16th Circuit Court judge in Kane County, in which he has had legal experience for years — and to which he was appointed by the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision. Let’s keep John where he belongs.

Karen Lewis


Reasons to vote against the state amendment question

On Nov. 6, Kane County residents will vote on TWO items concerning constitutional amendments. One is an advisory referendum to amend the U.S. Constitution to limit private spending in politics. It is essential to keep our democracy from being bought by wealthy special interests. That question is listed at the end of the ballot.

At the beginning of the ballot, voters will be asked to vote on an Illinois State Constitution amendment. Recently, we received booklets from the state with the wording of the amendment, which would add a section titled Pension and Retirement Benefit Increases. There are a number of reasons to vote NO on the state amendment: 1.) Requiring a “super majority” of 60 percent to approve pension increases gives too much power to the minority. Our country was founded on the principle of majority rule (51 percent). Requiring a three-fifths majority means that one side only needs 41 percent of the vote to “win.” 2.) The wording of the amendment is unclear about what is covered. 3.) Restrictions on specific line items of a budget do not belong in a Constitution, 4.) The amendment will not solve the budget problem in our state.

Indeed, we do have a serious budget problem. For years, the state has essentially robbed Peter (public employees) to pay Paul (state funded services). Instead of paying what the state owed to the pension system, Illinois spent that money on other purposes. But now the state is blaming Peter and the pension system for the problem that our legislators created. Capping benefits by requiring 60 percent approval will not raise any money for the state to address the pension crisis, because the pensioners’ benefits did not cause the problem. Ralph Martire, director of the bipartisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, noted that what we need is a change in the schedule for the state to repay the funds borrowed against the credit of the pension systems. It is impossible for revenue to keep pace with the amount the state currently owes, and this problem will only get worse.

I encourage you to vote NO on the Illinois amendment, at the beginning of the ballot; and vote YES recommending a U.S. amendment, at the end of the ballot.

Jean Pierce


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