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Judge candidate Dalton shows commitment to serve

Updated: November 25, 2012 11:41AM

Judge candidate Dalton shows commitment to serve

Last summer while I sat on my porch, Judge Walters approached me and asked for my vote. I told him I’d made up my mind to vote for John Dalton and he replied, “He’s not very experienced, you know.” Really?

John Dalton has 25 years of trial experience as an award-winning lawyer. He has not only represented some of the world’s largest corporations but has stepped up for low-income clients, handling complex cases at both the state and federal levels. John is well-known in the charitable communities of Elgin and can be counted on to roll up his sleeves and go to work when the need arises, without question or reimbursement.

He is the only candidate who doesn’t accept contributions from lawyers, as he sees this practice as creating a conflict of interest. To me, this personifies John’s commitment to serve the people of Elgin, Dundee, Sleepy Hollow and Carpentersville openly, thoughtfully and with a dedication to justice. This is the kind of experience that matters when considering your vote in November.

Jamie Greco


Rodgers seeks support for Kane recorder of deeds

I am Brenda Rodgers, and I am running for Kane County recorder of deeds. I am asking for your vote.

The recorder of deeds office is responsible for maintaining the land records for the county. Your property is one of your most valued assets. It can serve as a source of retirement income, a way to put your kids through college, or an inheritance for your family.

I have demonstrated through my past service as an Elgin City Council member I am willing to go above and beyond for our residents. Once elected, my priorities will include:

Utilizing the latest technology.

Providing a user-friendly and accurate website.

Fiscal responsibility.

Providing educational seminars/alerts to property scams, foreclosures prevention, etc.

The election is weeks away, and I need your help to win. Please help me spread the word that I am running. Thank you in advance for your support.

Brenda Rodgers


Difficult to know what Romney is for or against

Mitt Romney has taken lying to a new art form. First he was for abortion, now he is against it. He said the first thing he would do when he came into office was to eliminate Obamacare; now he says he would leave in the pre-existing condition and continued care for 26-year-olds. He was against regulation, now says he is for it. If you think you know what he stands for, you are wrong — he doesn’t even know. What we do know is that he will be working for the richest 2 percent and taking the country back to the Bush years. While governor of Massachusetts, job creation fell from 36th to 47th in the country, lost more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs, and the debt burden grew to the highest in the nation.

We know what Obama stands for because of his accomplishments. In spite of record GOP filibusters and an economy in free-fall, he prevented a severe depression; passed the stimulus bill that created 4 million new jobs; and passed Obamacare, which will cover 32 million uninsured Americans. He ended the war in Iraq, is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and killed bin Laden. Unemployment is down, and the Dow is up.

Because of Romney, hundreds of jobs at the Sensata plant in Freeport, Ill., will be lost. Not only are they closing the plant and sending it to China, but the workers being fired must train the Chinese who are replacing them — what a slap in the face. Through Bain Capital, Romney owns 51 percent of the stock and could be influential in preventing it from closing. But money means more to him — Chinese work for 99 cents per hour. This may be legal, but is it moral? Is this how he cares about American jobs?

Cecile Powell


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