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Creationism a matter of faith, so nothing to debate

Updated: November 18, 2012 6:52AM

Creationism is a matter of faith, so there is nothing to debate

The Courier-News printed a letter Oct. 5 from Jean McNamara, stating she educated herself and her four children to excel in science at school, and that she believed in creationism, the Bible version of creation. She ended by suggesting a debate, presumably creationism versus evolution. But creationism is based on religious faith, which is not debatable. One either believes or does not (including doubt). Some Christians have been indoctrinated to believe that everything in the Bible is true, and they do not question that, so there is nothing for them to debate; the matter is already decided in their view.

However, the scientific community, after exhaustive study, has found that evolution is true.

Walter S. Heffron

Sleepy Hollow

John Walters has the experience needed to be a quality judge

John Walters, a sitting Kane County judge, needs our support on the November ballot.

Understandably, few are confident in their vote for these offices but know experience is one of the best indicators of greater ability to fill this important role.

Judge Walters was an Elgin attorney for more than 34 years, handling more than 200 trials and far more other litigated matters while also serving on the Elgin City Council for 22 years. His opponent, surprisingly, has engaged in only seven cases in our county from 1990 through July 9 2012, as reported by the court clerk. Two of those were traffic tickets. We question whether this is the quality, much less quantity, of required experience. Why would someone with that level of courtroom inexperience contend he is qualified to be your judge? Professionals, doctors, lawyers and accountants subscribe to errors and omissions insurance. The Illinois Supreme Court reports his opponent does not.

Character to honor the oath to apply the law supposes one knows the law. I’ve known John Walters for more than 30 years and respect his legal ability as well as his character.

I recommend and request we vote for Judge Walters to maintain a quality judiciary in Kane County.

Ronald O. Roeser


United States must take steps to avoid the sorry fiscal fate of Spain

Central planning and European-style socialism have predictably failed to create lasting prosperity in Spain.

With a pension crisis, significant wealth redistribution and high taxes, Spain has required bailouts from more fiscally responsible European nations just to stay afloat.

Companies exist to make a profit. When governments overtax them, they will find ways to lower their tax burden, including leaving their home country.

The U.S. has not escaped a similar fate. With liabilities far outstripping economic growth, the U.S. could face default if we don’t return to fiscal responsibility.

Randall Kobat


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