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McSweeney the best for 52nd House Dist.

Updated: November 17, 2012 6:16AM

McSweeney the right person for 52nd House District

The general election is only three weeks away. We have seen the commercials. We’ve read about the gerrymandering courtesy of Democrat Michael Madigan. We all know that Illinois needs a dose of fiscal reality and policies that will bring back jobs to our communities. In the 52nd Illinois House District, we have responsible businessman David McSweeney versus longtime activist Dee Beaubien. I sincerely believe David McSweeney is the right person to help turn around our communities.

McSweeney is a successful businessman. He understands that to build confidence with job creators, the state needs to pay its bills on time by cutting waste and fraud. He understands that our focus needs to be on improving bond ratings, not tilting at windmills and creating division among constituents.

The contrast is clear between McSweeney and Beaubien. McSweeney has focused his campaign around sound fiscal policies, and Beaubien has used more than $200,000 in special-interest money to attack him on social issues. No matter where we stand on social issues, it clear that Beaubien and her ally — Democratic Party boss Madigan — are not concerned about the issues that really affect the residents in McHenry, Lake and Kane counties.

Voters, we need a leader to stand up to special interests. That leader is David McSweeney.

Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn and Heather Skillicorn

East Dundee

Biden, Ryan differ over government & personal freedom

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan crystallized the essential point of the abortion debate.

Joe Biden’s church teaches that life begins at conception, and he accepts this teaching in his private life, for himself. Joe Biden does not believe he has the right to martial the forces of government to coerce others — who do not share his religious convictions — to live their lives as though they did. Biden refuses to ignore one of the first and most fundamental constitutional limits on government power: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

In this, Paul Ryan has now established beyond question that a Romney/Ryan administration would make every effort to run roughshod over the protections built into our Constitution for women who do not share Ryan’s or Biden’s beliefs. A Romney/Ryan administration would seek to pass or support passage of laws, state or federal, that would force women who believe as I do, or indeed as Biden does, to live their lives though they shared Ryan’s beliefs.

And if Romney and Ryan feel free to use government power to do this, what might come next? Freedom indeed.

Alfred Y. Kirkland Jr.


Martinez’s skills make him top candidate for Kane coroner

I am writing you to weigh in on the electoral race for coroner of Kane County. I have held the position of Marshall County, Ill., coroner for the past 18 years. Both of your candidates for coroner are legally qualified to hold the office, but the life experiences of the individuals are starkly different.

The investigative skills of candidate Tao Martinez are finely honed, working with coroners and investigative bodies all over the nation. Tao has the field experience and training that are necessary to meld with other agencies that a coroner works with and to investigate the cases that are required to be scrutinized. Training and death experience are crucial to how the public is treated in a tragic time. If you are trained to handle prisoners and suspects, you treat people differently than if you are trained to handle families and victims. Tao is trained in families.

The administrative skills of your candidates are widely different. Robert Russell comes from years as a government officer, with little administrative experience, using traditional, stale methods in the jobs he holds. Martinez is coming from the “do it right or fail” private sector with a mix of innovative methods and proven successful processes to streamline and modernize the office of coroner. I personally have stayed in budget for 18 years and built a holding morgue for my county at no cost to them. Coroners need to keep open communication and leave politics out of the office — us-versus-them does not work.

The compassion that the candidates would exhibit in this job directly correlates with the skills and experience they have collected. Skills of law enforcement and corrections deal with perpetrators, incarcerated and victims, leaving the skill set more guarded and less forthcoming. Tao’s skills dealing with families and victims in his death scene cleaning business lends him more to the empathetic, understanding and compassionate set of skills.

After working 18 years with professionals of both candidates’ backgrounds and skills, I feel that Tao Martinez is more suited for the position of coroner of Kane County. Fewer coroners are from law enforcement, and fewer still are experienced as jailers. So I endorse Martinez in his candidacy for Kane County coroner. I do not see this office as a partisan office, but I happen to be a Republican.

David C. Lenz Jr.

Marshall County coroner


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