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Cook gun/ammo tax another bad answer to problems

Updated: November 13, 2012 6:29AM

Cook gun/ammo tax another bad answer to problems

After reading “County looking at gun tax,” I was not surprised to see that Cook County is considering this. After all, there is a violence problem and a budget problem, so what is the answer? Another tax increase.

Quite frankly, this is the answer to every problem in the county and the state. The budget is in a shortfall: raise the payroll taxes. The county is financial ruin: raise property taxes and sales taxes. Health care is costing our state a fortune: raise taxes on tobacco products.

Just where does this all end? And, more importantly, where is all the money going from all these tax increases that we need yet another increase?

The problem tax increases cause is that residents either move to avoid the increases or look for alternatives to spending money in the county or the state.

Taxing guns and ammunition will be no different. Those who own firearms or want to buy them or ammo will just go to other sources, whether out of the county or state.

The real problem here is that our county and state simply cannot stop spending, so they are always increasing a tax or a fee in an attempt to shore up or plug a hole in the budget. Not only does this affect the law-abiding citizens, what about the law enforcement officers who are required to purchase their own weapons or ammunition?

There are so many unemployed people in this state, and many who have not had a substantial wage increase in years. Just where do the elected officials think we will get the money for another tax increase, even if it is just for guns and ammo?

When this tax fails to generate the projected revenue, there will be another tax looming out there, and I cringe thinking about what is next.

The only other question I have — after realizing how many tax increases we have endured over the past 20 years — is: How do these people keep getting elected?

Jeff Pabst

Hanover Park

Leslie Coolidge right choice in Congress 6th District

Leslie Coolidge is my choice to represent the 6th District in Congress.

Leslie’s experience as a CPA partner for KPMG LLP gives her an understanding of working within a budget that translates to Congress. To balance our budget and maintain a strong national credit rating, Leslie understands that the funding for a bill must be in place before it is passed, not just an afterthought. Thoroughly comprehending the deficit, tax policy and the needed reforms of abuses that led to the recession are vital to our recovery, and Leslie has this knowledge.

Leslie will focus on job creation and help the middle class by bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Leslie is committed to protecting our environment and has been endorsed by the Sierra Club. Leslie recognizes that by creating green jobs, we will not only help boost the economy but also help protect the environment for our children.

Please take the time to go to Leslie’s website at to learn more about her and understand why Leslie is the right choice for the 6th District.

Joe Lawler


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