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Kane voters have chance to vote vs. campaign donations

Updated: October 21, 2012 2:13PM

Kane voters have chance to vote vs. campaign donations

Americans just don’t seem to agree on much these days. However, the one thing they can agree on is the need to get all this unregulated, unlimited and anonymous money out of politics.

In 2010, the Supreme Court interpreted the Constitution, then handed down what has become its most significant and disastrous decision in a generation — Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission. The Supreme Court said that corporations have First Amendment rights to spend unlimited (not reported) amounts of money to influence the outcome of elections. We know that some of this money is even coming from foreign governments and foreign corporations.

A poll by Hart Research Associates found that 82 percent of voters believe that Congress should limit the amount of money that corporations can spend on elections.

Seventy-seven percent of voters believe that corporations have more control of our political system than citizens do. A poll found that 77 percent of people believe that corporate spending represents “an attempt to bribe our politicians.” Is it any wonder why there is a general feeling of mistrust for our elected officials? How can we trust they are speaking for the middle class?

The Hart survey also found broad, bipartisan support for the notion of amending the U.S. Constitution to affirm that corporations do not have the same rights as people, effectively overturning Citizens United.

What the polls tell us is that we have more in common than we care to admit. Americans are increasingly feeling marginalized by their own political system. But we can all seem to share the fundamental expectation of what democracy should look like — and right now, this is not what it should look like!

Every Kane County voter has a voice in the November election to vote “YES” on a ballot question that calls to limit the amount of money that super PACs and special-interest groups can give to candidates and parties to buy our democracy and sell it to the highest bidders.

For information or to volunteer, go to (Source:

Joni Lindgren


Higher speed limit feasible for South McLean Boulevard

Have Elgin and South Elgin ever considered raising the speed limit on McLean Boulevard between Elgin Community College’s Spartan Drive/Sports Way and Bowes Road?

The current speed limit is 35, and after Bowes it is 45. Now it is a fact the very few drivers obey the 35 mile per hour speed limit. Most everyone accelerates and passes those few who follow the posted signs.

There really is nothing along that route to justify the lower speed limit. Even with the major entries and exits for Route 20, there is still more than enough roadway to be safe.

The main reason I see is that Bowes Road is the boundary line between Elgin and South Elgin. Possibly this could part of the overall plan after Route 20 expansion is completed.

Jim Crivolio


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