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‘Conventional’ wisdom produces lies, lies, lies

Updated: October 12, 2012 6:13AM

‘Conventional’ wisdom produces lies, lies, lies

Listening to both political conventions, I began to feel like a priest — listening to their speeches, confessing their lies.

Everyone has goals they tell you they will attain but, oddly, fail to provide the smallest morsel of information on how it will be achieved.

President Obama says if re-elected he will bring back manufacturing. How? And in what industry? And how does he figure 1 million jobs?

Republicans kind of sort of gives you at least a morsel more information, but very little more.

If you were the boss and your employees continuously lied, half-truthed or misrepresented facts, they would be fired. Yet WE THE PEOPLE seem somehow content with our elected employees not telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No party is innocent. Maybe an honest man or woman can no longer be elected into office. We seem to accept their lies under the premise of “that’s politics.” Stricter laws will never be penned because they would be punishing themselves. Yet they will punish us with stricter laws that do not affect them.

Democracy gone awry? Or worse, a planned demise of democracy as we know it?

Elections are nearing, and many will vote for the wrong reasons because no one seems to want to check the facts — real facts, not manufactured facts that are the basis for most talking points.

Manfred W. Czymmek


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