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I do not believe in atheists

Updated: June 29, 2012 8:52AM

I do not believe in atheists; their statements are full of hypocrisy

There is no constitutional separation of church in the Bill of Rights or in our Constitution. There is the often-misinterpreted establishment clause, but let’s argue under the premise there is a separation of church and state.

Growing populations of atheists are actively seeking out anything that is a Judeo-Christian symbol and taking legal steps to rid us of it. Atheists want no connection of the Judeo-Christian religions and government.

Oddly enough, these atheists seem to feel perfectly comfortable with anything of the Islamic religion. That seems to be an act of cowardice and discriminatory.

OK, let us say these godless people want complete separation of church and state. So does it mean stealing, killing (murder), committing adultery and lying will all be acceptable in their eyes? There is a direct link from the Ten Commandments and laws that prohibit from engaging in these acts, and these atheists want a complete separation of church and state. Or are they hypocrites?

These atheists want “God” removed from anything government-involved, including our currency, yet are curiously silent when President Obama ends his speeches and lectures with “and may God bless America.”

The Islamic God, the Jewish God and the Islamic God are the same God, so attacking God is really attacking three large religions and an overwhelming number of Americans.

Atheists seem to want to create the old godless culture of old Communist Russia but want to continue to live here so they may enjoy the fruits and freedoms of America. Hypocritical? You bet!

Manfred W. Czymmek


American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Days under way in Hampshire

American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Days are once again upon us.

Announced through a proclamation signed by Village President Jeffrey Magnussen, May 18 and 19 are officially declared Poppy Days in Hampshire.

Members of the Haderer-Eineke American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 680, together with their American Legion Affiliate, will be distributing hospitalized veteran-made poppies on the streets of Hampshire and Burlington this Friday and Saturday.

The American Legion was the first national organization to adopt the poppy as a memorial flower, and all donations will be used exclusively to aid veterans and their families. Residents are asked to show their support for our veterans by wearing or displaying the poppies.

Catherine Marion Comps


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