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Speak Out: Second Amendment still needed

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Updated: March 22, 2013 10:06AM

Second Amendment still needed: The Second Amendment was put into the U.S. Constitution during the day of the musket, but now it’s not the day of the musket anymore. Our politicians are lying. Most of our politicians should be in jail, yet we’re told that they will protect us. There are background checks for people buying firearms. Go try to buy one. Look at the paperwork you have to fill out. Pay attention to what’s going on. It will all be gone someday.

Endorse English: I have a comment. A few people that I know have applied for jobs in this area. They were not hired because they are not bilingual. This is America. Why can’t they get a job? If we went to Mexico, they would kick us out and not give us a job. Why are we putting up with this? Let these people learn English and stop babying them.

Benefits not for all: Well, come on. The door to the wondrous world of Obama/Medicare/Medicaid is slowly opening up. My senior friend recently needed an operation on her eyes since, even with glasses, she has a hard time seeing more than 12 inches ahead. But the “KGB” of Obamacare has said her problem isn’t serious enough to be eligible for benefits. Oh, by the way, the lady down the street just had her fourth child out of wedlock, again with a different father. She is getting full benefits on the birth. She is also seeing an increase in food stamps, rent payments, telephone, television, and other numerous benefits we owe one of our unfortunates. I’m so happy to be shown the way to bigger government by President Obama. Dumb people like me pay the higher taxes, and all the poor, unfortunate, needy people get all the free goodies they deserve. Thank you, Obama.

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