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Speak Out: Some musing about mail delivery

Updated: March 18, 2013 6:44AM

Musing about the mail: This is regarding the Speak Out about late mail delivery. We live on North Alfred Avenue between Chicago and Larkin streets (in Elgin). We now get our mail between 3 and 4:30 p.m. Although our mailman is a nice person, I wonder if he starts his route at a different site than the former mailman had. We used to get delivery before noon. Regarding no Saturday mail, that’s OK with me.

Mental health needs not being met: I agree with the caller today who said that mental illness is not being addressed while everything else is being addressed. They closed a facility in McHenry. They are shipping a lot of mentally ill people from Illinois to different facilities. Their families have a hard time having to drive out to see them. This is so sad. Come on, people. Let’s get real here.

Unexpected fee for free program: This is in response to that dentist with a heart that gives free dental service to those in need. It’s a wonderful gesture they are providing. However, I would like to mention that a few years ago, I received treatment from a dentist in Elgin in this program for a couple of teeth that were broken. I was referred to an oral surgeon, who was also involved in the program, to have the teeth extracted. With X-rays in hand, I got to the place to have it done. I was informed I would have to pay several hundred dollars to be anesthetized in order to have the procedure. Sadly, since I couldn’t afford to pay, I left with my X-rays still in hand. Just thought I’d share that.

Too many taxes: I am talking about the (proposed Illinois) athletic shoe tax. I think it is a tax on top of a tax because everything that we purchase, no matter where we go, has a tax on it. Are they also going to charge extra for children’s boots because it will go towards helping them? This is ridiculous. It’s just taxes on top of more taxes. And now I have to file for paying more taxes this month.

Larger mail routes: To the person complaining about late mail delivery, my mailman told me that the post office is increasing their route by quite a lot of neighborhoods. That may explain why your mail delivery is later now.

Need for nurses: I was just reading the article about St. Joseph Hospital. He said the shortage of nurses is one problem that hospitals are facing today. I think there are plenty of nurses. They just don’t want to hire them.

Socializing, not gambling: The mayor of Elgin said he is curious as to what type of social clubs are allowed to have gambling. He must not watch the news. Social clubs are not permitted to have gambling, as a social club in Aurora found out.

Leery about licenses: I’m speaking out about the illegal immigrants getting driver licenses. What makes them think that they will get insurance? These people don’t follow the law as it is, let alone get car insurance. They’re going to be able to drive, we’re going to pick up the tab, and our insurance rates are going to go up. I think illegal immigrants need to go home. Give them nothing, and they will go home.

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